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Video Synchronization with Transcript

Eliminates Tedious Searches for Key Testimony

Ace-Merit, LLC's VideoSync program is the easiest and most efficient way to access video for use in litigation. Synchronized text and video allows for quick searches and viewing of the corresponding video segments, resulting in a much more effective argument. This eliminates time-consuming searches through hours of deposition video to find key testimony.

Easy to Use

The VideoSync program is as easy to use as a VCR. All programming, digitization and synchronization is included in the finished product. There is no training necessary. Simply select the text and the corresponding video will appear in less than one-half of a second. Multiple clips can be placed in a list for contiguous or single clip playback. Ace-Merit, LLC will provide technical support free of charge, if necessary.

Multiple Display Options

VideoSync can be used as a research tool with text and video on the screen together or the video can be viewed full-screen for use in the courtroom. This is especially useful for impeachment purposes.


Ace-Merit, LLC can customize the VideoSync program to include interactive video demonstrations, animations, exhibits, graphics and photos. All work is done in-house beforehand so there is no hassle during trial. And, Ace-Merit, LLC can modify your program quickly if new information arises.

Download Demo (9MB .zip)



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