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Video Services

Ace-Merit, LLC Video was the first legal video department in the midwest and one of the very first in the country to provide state-of-the-art legal media services specifically to attorneys. Today Ace-Merit, LLC Video provides cutting edge media technologies to the tri-state legal community.

From depositions to "Day in the Life" productions and settlement documents, Ace-Merit, LLC'S videographers are highly trained experts who can produce effective litigation media support to help attorneys win their cases.

Along with expert video production, Ace-Merit, LLC Video offers a wide array of products to our clients including:

  • video and audio restoration and enhancement,
  • audio and video editing and duplication,
  • document digitization and coding,
  • file restoration,
  • web page development,
  • time stamping,
  • audio and video sync with the transcript,
  • training videos,
  • conference videos
  • video conference coordination.

Ace-Merit, LLC's videographers are certified by the National Court Reporters Association.


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Settlement Video

Day in the Life 1

Day in the Life 2

Day in the Life 3

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