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Ace-Merit, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of our new videoteleconference center. In our continuing effort to provide our clients with innovative and economical services, Ace-Merit, LLC can now provide the alternative to high costs of travel time and money to interview or conduct depositions--all without sacrificing the importance of face-to-face communication.

Videoconference of Meetings and Interviews

From the comfort and convenience of our Cincinnati office, non-legal videoconferences with remote sites can be videotaped and a video record provided immediately following the meeting.

Videoconferencing for Legal Purposes

In this situation, the witness site, which can be anywhere in the world or in our office, is referred to as the head site. A court reporter (and if required a videographer) need to be at the head site in order to provide the most legally sound stenographic and/or video record of the deposition or sworn testimony.

Ace-Merit, LLC has combined the best available "broadcast quality" technology at our private, professional conference facility, with a complete range of legal services, to provide you with a convenient and economical alternative to "going out of town."

We would be delighted to further introduce, even demonstrate, this exciting new service to your firm.




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