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Stenographic Services

Ace-Merit, LLC's staff of twelve reporters, most with advanced certification, are qualified to meet all of your stenographic needs. Using state-of-the-art technology, such as real-time transcription, audio and video sync with the transcript and E-transcript, Ace-Merit,LLC's reporters can tackle the toughest jobs easily and competently.

Real-time transcription provides a live feed of the testimony, with which attorneys can highlight text, do word searches, make notes and create reports on a laptop as the deposition takes place. Ace-Merit, LLC can provide condensed transcripts, word indexes and ASCII disks. Ace-Merit, LLC also offers E-transcript which hyper-links the transcript and index together allowing attorneys to print full-size and condensed transcripts directly from E-mail. All of our software is compatible with Word Perfect, Discovery ZX, Summation and all other litigation support software.

Internet Real-Time

We've offered real-time depositions for years, but now you're able to receive real-time hookup via the internet, with LiveNote software, anywhere in the world. You can have your expert 2,000 miles away viewing the testimony of another expert that you're deposing, which will appear in real-time on their computer. They can even text message you at the same time, all through the same program.

No Mileage Charges

We will now cover depositions within a 50-mile radius of downtown Cincinnati with no mileage charges. You may use Ace-Merit, LLC for your depositions in Butler, Warren and Clermont Counties and as far north as Dayton. We also cover Indiana and Kentucky, also within a 50-mile radius.

Don't forget, all of our reporters are also Kentucky notaries. There's no need to pay additional fees when traveling anywhere in the Tri-State area.


Stenotype Reporters

Tracy Allen, RPR
Diane Farrell, RMR, CRR
Susan Gee, RMR, CRR
David Moxley, RMR, CRR,CMRS
Linda Mullen RMR, CRR
Sherry Music CSR
Angie L. Portune, RMR
Wendy Raymer, RPR, CRR
Karen Volk, RPR
Patricia Walterman, RPR
Wendy L. Welsh, RDR, CRR
Lisa L. Weisenberger, RPR

RPR = Registered Professional Reporter
RDR = Registered Diplomate Reporter
RMR = Registered Merit Reporter
CRR = Certified Real-time Reporter
CSR = Certified Shorthand Reporter
CMRS = Certified Manager of Reporting Service



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