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Digital Transcript Management

Internet Real-time

Ace-Merit, LLC has offered real-time depositions for years, but now you are able to receive real-time hookup via the Internet anywhere in the world. You are probably accustomed to hooking your laptop to our reporter's computer and receiving a live feed of the testimony as it occurs, and having the ability to mark places in the transcript or perform searches, even to make notes and reports. You still have that capability, but now you can do it from a computer at a remote location, or you can have your expert 2,000 miles away watching the testimony of another expert appear in real-time while he is sending you text messages, all through the same program. We can even offer an audio feed so the individual at the remote location can hear what is transpiring while they are watching the testimony. Let us know, when you schedule your deposition, if you are interested in trying this technology.

Transcript/Exhibits on CD

When was the last time your exhibits became separated from the transcript right when you needed them? You can now receive your transcripts and exhibits combined in E-Transcript format on a single CD. No separate software is required. You simply put the CD into your computer and the easy-to-use interface appears on your screen, listing all the depositions and exhibits, which you can access by simply clicking on them. While reviewing a transcript, you can click on a reference to an exhibit and the hyperlink will immediately display that exhibit. You can print out your exhibits if someone needs a copy. You can also print the transcript in full or condensed size, or print out a word index. The next time you have to load your briefcase with multiple transcripts and exhibits to take with you, remember that they could all be contained on a single CD for convenience.

Case Management

Ace-Merit, LLC offers the RealLegal Binder software program for law firms so you can manage all your transcripts and exhibits together in one software program. Binder offers everything from real-time feed to management of transcripts and documents. It works great in both small cases and complex litigation. The RealLegal Binder has been voted "Favorite Transcript Management Solution" two years in a row. In 2003, the Binder/iBinder duo was voted "Favorite Litigation ASP."




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