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Accident Reconstruction

Ace-Merit, LLC Video leads the industry in accident reconstruction using 3-dimensional graphics and animation as well as video compositing to enhance witness testimony and giving the jury a clear understanding of an accident during trial.

Ace-Merit, LLC Video's animators work closely with professional reconstructionists and engineers to provide accurate reenactments to within five digits. Ace-Merit, LLC Video can also provide professional accident reconstuctionists and biomechanical engineers when needed. Still images of animations, such as the ones on this page, can be used as exhibits.

Ace-Merit, LLC Video's animators have received national recognition on Good Morning America and in the New York Times. The animators that produced these clips work exclusively in partnership with Ace-Merit, LLC Video Services.

Pick an image on the right to view its sample video clip.

4 Vehicle Accident

Car vs. Train

3 Vehicle Accident

2 Vehicle Accident

Car vs. Train




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